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Latest Lineup


November brings another Artful Lineup artist and maker highlight edition. This month enjoy learning a bit more about one of our artists and their most recent work! Make sure to also check out the current Holiday Gift Guide found here:  to find unique gift ideas from many local artists!

Artist/Maker: Sara O’ Connor
Richmond, VA
Contact: |


Sara O’Connor’s work boldly modernizes classical pointillism through her innovative use of want-to-touch texture. Before her life as a full time artist, Sara worked as an attorney for an international law firm. Her experience as an attorney and as an artist reaffirms her passion for nuanced detail. Her work is also influenced by her grandparents and their survival through concentration camps during World War II. The influence of their tenacity, perseverance, and drive is integrated into her artwork. Every piece embodies a moment of self-reflection and an abstract portrait of her emotions while creating it.

This month, Sara has her Bitty Bite Bonanza collection available for purchase. The Bitty Bites are each a 3×3 inch original painting. $5.00 of each painting sold will go to support the Octavia Project through the month of November. Sara has a variety of color combinations of these unique floral inspired artworks. Each Bitty Bite is $25.00. Buy four or more and receive a free tote bag!

Along with her current Bitty Bite collection this month, her mesmerizing original pointillism and floralism paintings are breathtaking. Browse through her website to view all of her original pieces available.

@saraoconnorfineart on FB and IG


We are so excited to share NEW local artwork that we picked out to share this month!  We have three great visual artists located in Richmond and Grottoes, Virginia.  The unique pieces range from zen landscapes and dreamlike illustrative paintings to Fall inspired work! 

Thank you for supporting local artists and makers.

Artist/Maker: Bart Levy
Richmond, VA
Contact :

Bart Levy paints moments of Zen for your home and office. Her paintings provide moments of luxurious but affordable escape for the crazy-busy professional. Quiet landscapes. Cheerful flowers. Water with reflections of the sky.

Artist/Maker: Julia Holland
Richmond, VA
Contact :

Julia Holland is a Richmond, Virginia based painter and digital illustrator. Her work explores the relationship between city and nature and she uses color and texture to create an ethereal, dream-like atmosphere. Julia is also an avid note-giver and lover of hand-written letters. She has a collection of nature-themed and cityscape-themed greeting cards available on her website, 

Artist/Maker: Viktoriya Samoylov
Grottoes, VA
Contact :

Viktoriya is a Ukrainian-born American living in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. She is generally a self-taught artist working in different mediums such as oils, acrylics, and resin epoxy. 

Artist/Maker: Tammy Hinkle Richmond, VA
Contact: (804) 305-8594 | 
“Where your memories and my paint collide”


Welcome to the Artful Lineup artist and maker highlight edition. This month we are switching things up and giving you some background on one of our artists as well as what they are currently working on!


Tammy Hinkle, a self-taught artist, specializes in the extreme detail and realism of trompe l’oeil (art that fools your eye). Although she developed her expertise creating large scale murals for decades, her current focus is painting in oils on canvas and putting your memories in paint. Anything from scenic vacation photos, sentimental items from a emotionally difficult downsize to a heartfelt memorial painting.

The most requested commissions are her life-like “Pet Portraits”. It is never easy losing a pet and this is an awesome way to memorialize your beloved fur baby. Be sure to keep a watchful eye on her Facebook page @tammyhinkleart (“Memories in Paint”) for a couple Pet Portrait Giveaways/FUNdraisers for two local non-profits: “FLOP“ (For the Love of Poodles) and come meet Tammy and watch her “Paint Live” at FETCH a Cure’s upcoming 10th Annual Mutt Strut Pet Cancer Awareness Walk on October 4th.
@tammyhinkleart on FB & IG


Fresh new local art and artful goods available! This month we have new artists featuring incredibly detailed woven looms, handforged steel items, original representational still life oil paintings of fruits and veggies! This lineup also showcases a few artists that we’ve seen in past months, with new pieces to share. 

Take your time and browse the links. Get to know some local art and artful goods!  

Artist/Maker: Kyle Lucia | Phoenix Handcraft
Richmond, VA
Contact :

Kyle Lucia is a blacksmith and furniture designer. He is co-owner of Phoenix Handcraft, a Richmond-based design studio creating sustainable, handmade works for home and business in metal, mosaic, and wood. 

Artist/Maker: Emily Nicolaides
Richmond, VA

Emily Nicolaides is a self-employed weaver and teacher in Richmond, Virginia. In her studio, Emily turns embroidery hoops, brass craft hoops, and even hula hoops into looms as she reformats traditional weaving techniques into a circular composition. 

Artist/Maker: Jordan Flower
Varina, VA

Jordan is a Richmond-based fine artist and muralist focused on landscapes, cityscapes and the intersection of man and nature.

Artist/Maker: Mike Haubenstock
Glen Allen, VA

Mike Haubenstock, based in Glen Allen, Virginia, paints landscapes and still lifes in oil. He is inspired by architecture, natural scenes and colorful displays. In recent years he has spent more time with plein air work, which includes the challenges of moving shadows and colors. His still life art often feature fruits, vegetables and flowers. 

Artist/Maker: Viktoriya Samoylov
Grottoes, VA

Viktoriya is a Ukrainian-born American living in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. She is generally a self-taught artist working in different mediums such as oils, acrylics, and resin epoxy. 


Enjoy June’s lineup of a dozen select artful pieces. This month represents artwork from central Virginia and the Blue Ridge Mountains. We have featured hand-cut mosaic art, cubist style colorful paintings and prints, abstract designed pillows and hand-carved wood pieces. 

Artist/Maker: Johannah Willsey | Phoenix HandcraftRichmond, VA
Contact :

As a visual artist, Johannah specializes in hand-cut mosaic artwork. She is co-owner of Phoenix Handcraft, a Richmond-based design studio creating sustainable, handmade works for home and business in metal, mosaic, and wood. 

Artist/Maker: Kristin Joseph McGinnis | Kbjoseph Art + Design
Henrico, VA

Kristin creates paintings and prints through Kbjoseph Art + Design. Her artwork developed with cubist style inspiration and she explores with color and light.

Artist/Maker: Dandridge Davis
Richmond, VA

Dandridge Davis, is an abstract painter that looks to nature and different cultures for inspiration. She uses her paintings to make painterly wallpapers, textiles, and decorative pillows. 

Artist/Maker: Zach Chrisinger | Chrisinger’s Cuts
Afton, VA

Zach owns Chrisinger’s Cuts, a woodworking business, based out of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Afton, VA. He strives to collaborate with the materials in their natural states, while creating minimal waste in the process. Zach is environmentally conscious. He creates hand-carved pieces and uses a foot-powered lathe.


May’s lineup includes 12 local works from 4 distinctive artists/makers! We had the pleasure of reviewing some wonderful pieces and it was truly hard to pick out our favorites! These artists and makers have created works that you can cherish and enjoy for years to come. We have a wide range of select pieces. May has brought: conceptual and portraiture pointillism, realistic urban painted landscapes, heavy textured palette knife paintings and acrylic paintings with gold leaf textures.

May Lineup

Artist/Maker: Jacob Daley | Daley DotsRichmond, VA
Contact through website |

1 & 3 are part of the “MindFull Series” that is dedicated to helping alleviate anxiety and depression. Prints available upon request in various sizes. Number 2 is a commissioned pet portrait. Commissioned pet portraits will currently have 15% of the proceeds donated to Richmond Animal League.

Artist/Maker: Jordan Flower
Varina, VA

Jordan weaves many distinct landscapes into his work. He showcases urban views, ranging from bustling cities to coastlines along the east coast.

Artist/Maker: Carrie Jacobson
Wachapreague, VA
Contact through website

Carrie uses oils and a palette knife to make paintings with a heavy impasto. Her paintings tell the story through color, texture, faith and optimism. 

Artist/Maker: Viktoriya Samoylov
Grottoes, VA
Contact through website |

Numbers 1 and 2 are paintings on wrapped canvas and painting number 3 is on a birch panel. Viktoriya creates primarily in acrylic but sometimes incorporates oils, epoxy resin and gold leaf textures. Her work embodies a variety of imperfect, playful and vibrant pieces.


This month our lineup consists of 12 thoughtfully selected pieces from 4 different Virginia artists/makers! We hope this month’s artful lineup brings peace and hope during this difficult time in our world. Artists and makers bring much needed joy and are today’s visual storytellers.

While you are staying home and social distancing, explore these creative pieces we have featured, click the links to the artists/maker’s website to find out more. The April lineup is a combination of oceanic abstract influences, wood sculpture inspired by nature, mosaic style painting, and heavy-textured floralism.

Remember If you are interested in a particular piece, contact us or the artist/maker directly. All sales generated from exposure through Artful Lineup will go 100% to the artist or maker.  

Artist/Maker: Shaylen Amanda Broughton | SAB Art StudioRichmond VA
Contact through website form |

These paintings are one of a kind original abstract expression of Shaylen’s inner world and cannot be duplicated.

Each piece is finished with dripped edges and signed on the back. 1.5” thick gallery style canvas wired and ready to hang.

Artist/Maker:Tom Lowe | Wood Sculptor
Buckingham County, VA
804 614 7308 | |

Each piece is one continuous piece of wood.  There is no gluing, bending or steaming. 
With each tree that Tom chooses to work with, careful thought is used to bring out it’s inner beauty. 

Artist/Maker: Scott Tilghman
Church Hill, VA
804 349 9722 Contact through website form
Scott’s distinctive mosaic style translates the colors that mingle in his imagination into bright tesserae, and compels viewers to enjoy multiple perspectives.

Artist/Maker: Sara O’Connor
Richmond, VA
Contact through website form |

Each 12×12 inch Growing Garden is part of the Floralism series. 

Each Growing Garden is comprised of hand-quilled flowers using acrylic-based formula. These unique pieces make paint look like porcelain, glass, and paper.

Artful Lineup is a mini blog + newsletter based out of Richmond, VA. We are focused on keeping you in the know on local fine art and artful goods. 

Each monthly newsletter will feature a lineup of curated local Virginia fine art and artful goods. Our goal is to help artists and makers connect with the community. We want to showcase available, local, and unique items created in Virginia! If you see something that catches your eye, contact us or the artist/maker directly. All sales generated from exposure through Artful Lineup will go 100% to the artist or maker.  

This month we have hand picked a lineup of 18 unique items from 6 different Virginia artists/makers!  Make sure you browse through the links to the artists/maker’s website to explore more of their work. March has brought  beautiful handmade wood products, chalk pastel portraiture, and original paintings and prints from abstract to ultra realistic!

Artist/Maker: Taylor Kampa Olson 
Reston, VA
Contact through website form |

No. 2 ‘Rainsmoke’ is a giclee print on canvas. No. 1 & 3 are both acrylic on canvas.

Artist/Maker: Vinnie Charity | Built By Vin 
Richmond, VA
804 840 5504 | |

Artist/Maker: Carson Overstreet 
Richmond, VA
804 477 5759|

Artist/Maker: Lorrie Gunn | Artful Creations by Lorrie
Midlothian, VA
843 696 2131 | |

About Commissioned Pieces No, 1, 2 & 3:

  • Pet portraits ranging from $400.00-$700.00 are created from chalk pastels on velour paper.

Artist/Maker: Tammy Hinkle | Memories in Paint
Glen Allen, VA
804 305 8594 | |

About Commissioned Piece No. 2:  

  • “Capturing the essence of one’s treasures and creating a work of art that encompasses those lasting memories, that can be passed down through the generations.” more info